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Investing in your team is investing in your business

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Pricing How it Works

How it Works

Book Selection

We curate a lineup of books based on your team's challenges and goals.

Learn Consistently

We send each team member one book every month or quarter.

Apply Takeaways

Extend key learnings to your business, workflow, and culture.

"What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave?"

"What happens if we don't, and they stay?"

Reading makes us better thinkers, communicators, and leaders.

Employees deserve more training than onboarding alone. Books, relevant to your company challenges, provide immediate access to the advice of subject matter experts.


Receive new books on a monthly or quarterly cycle.

Books and shipping are charged at-cost in addition to the pricing below.

Quarterly Cycle

Monthly Cycle



per head

  • Up to 3 team members
  • Billed Monthly



per head

  • 4 - 7 team members
  • Billed Monthly



per head

  • 8 - 15 team members
  • Billed Monthly



per head

  • 16+ team members
  • Billed Monthly


What if a team member has already read a book?

Before shipping each book we give everyone the chance to "opt out" if they already read it, own a copy, or prefer not to participate.

Do I have a say in the lineup?

Yes! Managers have preview access to all upcoming books in your lineup. You may change the order, remove books, and provide feedback to customize what's next.

Who is the ideal business for Team Bookshelf?

Small businesses who don't have regular speaker series, clubs, and ongoing training. We are also designed to help remote teams improve their culture since happy hour and Friday lunches aren't an option.

You may not be in the same location but your minds can still be in sync!

Is it easy to cancel?

Email us to cancel anytime before your next shipment date. No questions asked.

How are books and shipping charged?

We charge the cost of books and shipping with no markup. Our invoices clearly itemize book cost, shipping cost, and Team Bookshelf pricing. These invoices are sent prior to each cycle for your review.

What if my team members are international?

We currently ship within the US and Europe.

Coming soon: support for Kindle and e-reader devices!

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